Oxygen Immersion

The Oxygen Immersion is developed for work with products of M-Box series, with projects of roughs in immersion glass.

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What's New


10 Semptember, 2019 - Oxygen Immersion 5.3.42 is released.

Oxygen Immersion Download

In this version:

  • Improved 3D visualization speed
  • Higher stability in IG scans


27 May, 2019 - Oxygen Immersion 5.1 is released.

In this version:

  • In the Scene, a Grid is now available, that you can show/hide by selecting Show Grid option from the View menu
  • Optimized log output allows keeping log data compact and clean
  • Extended character map for on-screen text now allows frequently used symbols like degree sign and others
  • Some problem fixes and improvements

See details in the release notes.


August 2015 - Oxygen Immersion beta is released.

In this version we have improved automatic allocation of inclusions and added extra failure control based on encoder readings.

  • New adaptive inclusion segmentation method that allows MBox2.0 system to find many of inclusions that have been missed by the previous version. We did not manage to get rid of all missing inclusions in this version, however many missing inclusions are now allocated. We are planning another update with even less missing inclusions in the nearest future.
  • First version with new encoders support. Encoders in this version offer extra scanning stability control helping to get rid of photos with wrong basis position in our Z-scans. In order to use this version you have to do some extra configuration described below:
    • Modify MicroscopeDrivers.ini according to Introduce Encoders chapter in MBox2.0 ini file manual;
    • Calibrate encoders according to Encoders calibration procedure described in Motorized MBox alignment manual;
    • Change Latency parameter to 40000 in MicroscopeDrivers.ini. Example available here in Stereo camera MicroscopeDrivers.ini file block.
  • Additional camera image hang control.
  • Better inclusions filtering that reduces number of very small false inclusions that were present in previous versions of Oxygen Immersion.
  • Reported out-of-memory issues fixed in this version.