Flicker- and Reflection-Free Multi-Light Illumination

Multi-light technology is a lighting approach for microscopes driven by the combination of specific hardware (LED lighting) and software (frames live integration) elements aimed to empower human and enhance machine vision of objects.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Several high-speed LED lighting sections are turned on/off one by one in synchronization with the capture of frames
  • The sets of frames are integrated into a clear image without manipulating an object
  • Images free from overexposure make possible for robust defects detection (those seen from one direction only) and examination of details beneath glossy/shadow areas
  • Flawless video stream is instant with 5 Mpxl resolution and up to 20 FPS speed

See details on the FLICKER- AND REFLECTION-FREE MULTI-LIGHT ILLUMINATION page of the Octonus DM site.


Challenging Cases

Curved surfaces. Typical lighting arrangements result in specular reflections at all sample orientations. Multi-light reveals a fine surface structure and internal details.

Click to enlarge:

Polished surfaces and transparent objects. Both direct and diffused modes create reflections and refractions which obscure internal features. Multi-light reveals internal details.


Video Example: COB LED under Conventional and Multilight Lighting

In the video, you can compare COB LED under conventional top lighting and multilight:


Photometric Stereo

Below is the example of DM Gold photometric stereo scan (click to enlarge):

You can test this example online on this page. You can:

  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom.
  • Pan with the right mouse button. 

Pay your attention to how the relief of various depths is highlighted with colors on a model.


Used by Products

  • DM Gold
  • M-Box Multi-Light
  • Adding to other products is planned
Flicker- and Reflection-Free Multi-Light Illumination