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You can extend the list of cuts with your original cuts using external cut modules. External cut module is a dynamic link library (DLL) that holds the geometry structure of one or several cuts and contains necessary geometrical calculations.

DLLcuttings.zip (1,32 Kb) - Archive with All DLL cuttings. The archive includes new shapes of DLL cuttings version 1.2. The new version 1.2 of DLL is developed for more fast optimization.

Full list of DLL cuttings available for download

  1. Cushion_PM4_PG4_PH16_C32.dll (v1.2)
  2. Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Flat.dll (v1.2)
  3. Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_C32_Strong.dll (v1.2)
  4. Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH16_Pbrill_C32.dll (v1.2)
  5. Cushion_PM4_PG16_PH24_C32.dll (v1.2)
  6. Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_C32.dll (v1.2)
  7. Cushion_PM4_PG8_PH24_Pbrill_C32.dll (v1.2)
  8. Cushion_PM8_PG4_PH16_C32.dll (v1.2)
  9. CushionP24C32B.dll (v1.2)
  10. CushionP28C32B.dll (v1.2)
  11. CushionP32C32B.dll (v1.2)
  12. EmeraldP32C24.dll (v1.2)
  13. PrincessP44C44.dll (v1.2)
  14. PrincessP52C44.dll (v1.2)
  15. CushionP36C32.dll (v1.2)
  16. MarquiseWBT_P24C32.dll (v1.2)
  17. MoonMarquise_P34C32.dll (v1.2)
  18. MoonMarquise_P36C32.dll (v1.2)
  19. MoonMarquiseWBT_P32C32.dll (v1.2)
  20. MoonMarquiseWBT_P36C32.dll (v1.2)
  21. MoonOval_P36C32.dll (v1.2)
  22. MoonOvalWBT_P36C32.dll (v1.2)
  23. MoonPearWBT_P32C32.dll (v1.2)
  24. MoonPearWBT_P36C32.dll (v1.2)
  25. MoonPearWBT_P36C32A.dll (v1.2)
  26. Octagon_P32C24.dll (v1.2)
  27. OctagonEmerald_P32C24.dll (v1.2)
  28. PearWBT_P24C32.dll (v1.2)
  29. Radiant_P28C24.dll (v1.2)
  30. Pear.dll (v1.0)
  31. Parallelepiped (v1.0)

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