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DiamCalc 3.4.21


The DiamCalc version 3.4.21 build 793 has been released on February 6, 2020.

Starting from this version you can:

  • Overview the Av.brightness and Av.energy metrics in a more effective way due to visualization changes.
  • Control the number of ray reflections more effectively due to the corresponding parameter adjustment.
  • Visualize a model concavity.

Also, some problems have been fixed and some improvements have been made including:

  • The problem with button File/Report (Export to Word) not opening the report has been solved.

See details in the release notes.

DiamCalc 3.4.21 build 793 is an installation program for Windows (88 Mb). Please run the installation with an administrative account.

DiamCalc 3.0


Press Release. DiamCalc 3.0 and DiamCalc 3.0 Professional launched by OctoNus 

Owners of short keys only - you can install and use the new version DC 3.3.

DiamCalc 3.0 is an installation program for Windows (26,9 Mb). Please run the installation with an administrative account.

Hasp4 key (long) Hasp4 key (long)
OctoNus DiamCalc 006-*****
Hasp HL key (short) HASP HL key (short) 
OctoNus DiamCalc3 008-***** 


HASP Driver


On Windows 7 (and later) computers with Internet connection HASP key driver should be automatically downloaded and installed via Windows Update.

If automatic installation did not start or has any problems please download and install driver manually.

If the computer is not connected to internet or has older Windows please download and install HASP key driver manually.

HASP Keys: Short vs. Long

Hasp4 key (long) Hasp4 key (long)
OctoNus DiamCalc 006-*****
Hasp HL key (short) HASP HL key (short) 
OctoNus DiamCalc3 008-***** 

If you own a long key you can install and use version 3.0 or earlier. To use newer version (any after 3.0, including 3.4) is necessary to change the HASP key to the new short version.

Before Installation

1. Check whether the installation programs are digitally signed. Once you downloaded *.exe please check the signature 

We do not recommend to run installation if the signature is absent or not valid: this is dangerous (running corrupted file can lead to unpredictable results)! If the signature of the installation file is not OK or absent please retry to download again. You can also try to use a different download server. 
If the problem persists please send a message to the DiamCalc support service.

2. Test you GPU (Graphics hardware) with DiamCalc Graphics Compatibility Evaluator utility (download here)

The utility will attempt to render a reference data set in order to check if your Graphics hardware is compatible with the new OctoNus HDR rendering engine. Please notice: even if you get a negative test result the non-HDR rendering still available in DiamCalc3. Most of the existing windows computers are compatible with the non-HDR OctoNus rendering engine.


You may see the following error messages during the program start:

1) "Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment. You may need install newer hasp device driver." 
Solution: Download and update the HASP device drivers from the section HASP HL Driver section on this page.

2) "No matching feature found (H0050)." or "Feature not found. You may need to update hasp key firmware (H0031)." 
Solution: Please update the HASP key firmware using the update utility. Before starting the firmware update process please close all the programs and any special tools that may affect the normal work of the HASP USB device driver.

In the Pro version, the users may sometimes be unable to use the Pro features.

Root cause: the update of the protection system for Pro.

Solution: contact your distributor for the instructions to update the protection license.

For DiamCalc 3.0 users, expiration message: "The software has expired..." there are several options to fix the problem: 

1) Owners of short keys only - you can install and use the new version DC 3.3 

2) Owners of short keys and long keys - you can download and install the updated DiamCalc 3.0 installation packages in the section DiamCalc 3.0 (select your type of hasp keys and press button Download Now). Necessary DLL files will be updated. 

3) Manual update - download this update DC3CutDesignerUpdate.zip (558 Kb). This package has 3 DLL files, you should unpack it and copy in your working DiamCalc folder (usually C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\Diamond Calculator****). Say yes to overwrite the existing CutDesigner.dll and GingemaUser.dll. Please be sure to exit from any running DiamCalcs while updating the files.