DiamCalc is a system for cut gemstones modeling, which enables many different users to achieve their goals. The real (photorealistic) image of a polished diamond created by the system makes it possible to determine the cut properties that often cannot be measured and to find the optimal combination of cut parameters that would provide the best perception, brilliance, fire, scintillation and others of the stone.

What is DiamCalc and Who Benefits from It?

Photographs do not adequately show the sparkle and brightness of a real diamond; until now. DiamCalc since version 3 has High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging that shows the intense sparkles on your computer screen by reproducing the flares or bloom that we see in real diamonds. Bright sparkles often appear to be larger than the facet they emanate from, even extending outside the edge of the diamond.

Scintillation is the last great frontier of diamond cut studies. Regular ray tracing software and lab grading systems have failed to model scintillation and capture this bloom factor.

Play 5 full size DiamCalc 3.2 Demo movies in one window

Now buyers and sellers can realistically show a client, or visualize a distant diamond themselves before buying it. They can see just how it will look as they rock it from side to side in their own environment and even make promotional videos for individual diamonds.

 Play 5 full size DiamCalc 3.2 Demo movies in one window (total size 1500x516 px) 
 Play 3 full size DiamCalc 3.2 Demo movies in one window (total size 900x516 px)

Vizit DiamCalc HDR Demo Movies page

DiamCalc’s High Dynamic Range lighting can come from a variety of panoramas such as a ball room, forest or hillside so anyone can see how the diamond will look in each of these environments. Jewelers of the future will no doubt import panoramic images of their own sales floor into DiamCalc.

HDR panorama – Holloway Diamonds, Canterbury – halogens, metal halide and daylight:

HDR panorama - Holloway Diamonds, Canterbury - halogens, metal halide and daylight

Download full size hdr panorama, Color, 4096x2048px (19,2 Mb)
Download full size hdr panorama, Grayscale, 4096x2048px (7,37 Mb)
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The result of new technologies is the highly photorealistic images reflecting both non-trivial optical properties of gemstones and compound features of the environment.

The Diamond Calculator is designed for jewelers, diamond graders, and sale specialists dealing with diamonds and diamond jewelry, for companies active in designing special cuts, manufacturers and technologists.

There are advanced professional versions of Diamond Calculator: DiamCalc Pro and DiamCalc Color.

The DiamCalc Pro is developed to help designing new cuts and optimize existing cut proportions to achieve the best cut qualities. DiamCalc Pro software aids quantitative and qualitative cut performance assessment by outputting into simple text reports that are powerful when made into graphical charts, and images presented in 2D html tables with selected proportion ranges.

DiamCalc Color is an exclusive advanced professional version of DiamCalc software. This software is restricted in its availability on personal request. It is developed especially to optimize the proportions for cutting the best possible fancy color.

What's New in DiamCalc?

April 13, 2017 - DiamCalc 3.3.53 build 724 is released.


Coustics will be available in the next versions of DiamCalc.

Coustics. Light source is under horizontal plane. It shines through the paper   Coustics. Light source is low over horizontal plane
Demo-movies          Demo-movies


Main Features
  • Precise calculation of a stone weight by taking into account all main parameters, such as diameter, total depth, girdle thickness, pavilion depth, crown angle etc.
  • Generating 3D images and movies of polished diamonds:
    • High Dynamic Range photorealistic images and movies. Light absorption, repeated reflections, dispersion, variable lighting, High Dynamic Range panoramas, real observers and many others are used in images rendering.
    • Outline framework models and refraction models, which show refractions of back facets seen through front facets
    • Stereo mode - three-dimensional images of diamond that can be seen with a pair of stereo glasses
  • Stars and bloom effects
  • Inclusions rendering
  • Inclusions Defocus (DiamCalc Pro only)
  • Non convex cut renderings
  • ETAS and DETAS images, statistics diagrams
  • QuickTime movies and export it for ipod / iphone
  • Possibility to work with the main diamond cut styles: Brilliant, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Princess, Baguette, Happy-8, Emerald, Flanders, Heart, Radiant etc.
  • Loding external dll cuts, scanned mmd and srn cuts, asc, etc.
  • Creating new variable 3d models of diamonds by Cut Designer
  • Determination of fixed or variable parameters
  • Determination of parameter combinations for diamond grading, including GIAHRDAGA and Russian TU systems. Evaluation of the defects deteriorating the diamond perception
  • Spectrum import and baseline correction by photos
  • Control of report templates
  • HTML photorealistic (jeweler) report
  • Comparative report (DiamCalc Pro only)
  • Price lists. Prices calculation based on color, clarity and fluorescence.
Diamond 3DBook - Interactive Diamond Training Course

Diamond 3DBook is a computer tutorial that involves extensive information on working with diamonds: from the physical background determining the unique properties of these stones to the modern worldwide system of diamond trade.

3DBook is designed for training diamond specialists and raising the level of their skills. The capability of interactive diamond modeling and the availability of extensive reference data make Diamond 3D Book a useful tool in everyday work of gemologists, appraisers, Certification Centers, gemstone cutters, gemological labs and institutes, manufacturers and sellers of diamonds and jewelry made of these.

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