Galahad Compass

Galahad Compass is a software-hardware bundle which includes Compass Unit and dop hardware and Galahad Compass software itself. The solution helps to set the correct angles for the diamond in the dop with high precision before polishing the facet, as well as control stages and steps of the polishing. Stages combine steps for polishing facets of the same type. The system has two different modes: Galahad 1 and Compass. In the Galahad 1 mode, the user can view and manage planned stages and underlying steps. In the Compass mode, for the selected step, the slope and azimuth angles are set and then, after polishing, the results are controlled before going to the next step.

Main Features
  • Compass Workflow is an effective way of planning and executing the polishing process for your diamonds.
  • Effective Work with Reflections in the system Scene.
  • Compass Dop Calibration and other dop features are helpful when configuring your dop hardware.

  • Big Step feature to overcome a possible inconvenience caused by a limited field of view.
  • Configuration abilities for your hardware and software via the system Settings.
What's New & Download

You can find out what's new in the published releases of the system and download the latest release from the Galahad Compass Download page.