Oxygen Microscope Server

The Oxygen Microscope is the software developed to work with M-Box line hardware (microscopes). It includes M-Box 2.0M-Box 1.5 and M-Box. The system uses projects created by Helium Rough and Helium IG. For projects with Immersion Glass use Oxygen Immersion software.

Oxygen Microscope Server with M-Boxes allows creating photos of rough by microscope; defining any type of inclusions, exploring and working with the diamond cutting solutions, allocate diamonds, evaluating the prices of the different possible solutions and quality of the polished diamonds and creating Customer and Polish reports, very defined and customized.

The Oxygen Microscope is designed for diamond cutters and sale specialists dealing with rough diamonds, manufacturers and technologists. The software can be used for training and education. This system is beneficial for factory production and process control.

What's New


10 Semptember, 2019 - Oxygen Server Microscope 5.3.41 is released.

Oxygen Microscope Server Download

In this version:

  • Improved 3D visualization speed
  • Higher stability


27 May, 2019 - Oxygen Server Microscope 5.1 is released.

In this version:

  • In the Scene, a Grid is now available, that you can show/hide by selecting Show Grid option from the View menu
  • Optimized log output allows keeping log data compact and clean
  • Extended character map for on-screen text now allows frequently used symbols like degree sign and others
  • Some problem fixes and improvements

See details in the release notes.


4 March, 2016 - Oxygen Server Microscope is released.


July, 2015 - Oxygen Server Microscope is released.

In this version of Oxygen Server Microscope we have the follwoing new features for you:

  • Automatic detection of windows on the surface of the stone
    • 3 different algorithm presets optimized for rough/semipolish and nearly polish stones
  • New tool for manual windows markup with improved usability
  • Better quality of recommended view directions compared to our previous release
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed pear for non-convex stone models
    • Fixed an issue with disappearing bottom panel

Please find some samples of using the system in the short complementary videos: