Carbon Terminal

Carbon Terminal is software for diamond recut planning by automatic creation of 3D models (solution allocation), their quality appraisal, grade estimation, and photorealistic visualization.

Carbon Terminal offers a wide selection of various appraisal systems, including GIA-approved Facetware and user-defined MyAppraiser for multiple shapes. The system includes the Smart Recut algorithm for intellectual asymmetric recut which can be configured for desired diamond proportions using MyAppraiser and provides a range of plans of varying optical symmetry and mass.

Carbon Terminal provides sophisticated report functionality.


Relation to Other Products

Technically, Carbon Terminal is HP Carbon without hardware and related functions which is defined by the HASP key. Therefore, the product shares documentation, release notes and download distributive with HP Carbon.

Smart Recut

The improved algorithm of finding asymmetric recut solutions, taking into account possible inclusions in the stone and optimizing parameters according to various appraisers.

What you get:

  • Automatic optimization to get asymmetric solutions while exploiting variation limits permitted by the lab with limits modified based on customer’s requirement.
  • The mass increase (Smart Recut vs Recut) by adding tolerable asymmetry:
    • For RBC - average 3%, up to 7%
    • For Generiс Fancies and Custom Cuts - average 6-7%, up to 11%
  • Price jump due to overstepping the mass border in automatic or semi-automatic mode via reducing the requirements for symmetry.
  • Ability to check what maximum mass can be obtained without violating the formal requirements of the GIA RBC (MaxMass preset).
  • Ability to get solutions with Extra Facets for even more mass increase when needed.
  • Ability to fix the already finished part of the semi-finished product in order to:
    • Re-cut in case something went wrong (via fixing finished part)
    • Control over the accuracy of following the plan and ability to adjust it

Smart Recut is:

  • Suitable even for stones with surface cavities and concavities.
  • Single-click operation without extensive training required.
  • Pre-packed with different 3D symmetry and Optical symmetry limits presets.

And the basis for further one-click:

  • Photoreal simulation of the obtained models to estimate H&A symmetry or other optical symmetry.
  • Detailed Polish Report to help polisher and the manager to realize the planned solution.
  • Precise estimation of final cut and symmetry grade based on GIA Facetware.


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Smart AnyCut

Enhanced workflow for getting Generic Fancies and Custom Cuts with the optimal mass and optical performance.


  • Building the process on the base of your own custom cutting
  • Continuous improvement of your cutting for getting better solutions
  • Sticking to two at the same time (composite appraising):
    • 1 - your own wished cutting forms
    • 2 - formal market requirements
  • Smart Recut asymmetric allocation for larger mass

The feature brings to you:

  • Photoreal images under various lighting environments for allocated solutions, to help select the most promising solution.
  • Optical symmetry and Brightness index for allocated solutions.

You can also benefit from:

  • Sharing this data and performance indices with the sales team, and receive their confirmation for the plan.
  • Possibility for the sales team to take the opinion of the prospective buyer and help them choose a diamond cut of his/her choice from multiple solutions the rough offers (a-la-carte diamond cut)
  • Reduced dependency on expert polisher, so as to achieve consistent result every time, fulfilling client’s expectations.
  • Finding out different parameters fetching required grade / look, thereby exploiting the rough to maximize weight recovery.
  • Avoiding recutting the stone, reducing value loss, as well as labor loss for polisher due to obtaining detailed information about the result already at the planning stage.
  • Polisher achieving the result with minimum effort.


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Other Features
  • Integration with Cutwise allows using HP Carbon together with the OctoNus online service which offers an extended set of tools for visual presenting and comparison of brilliants and their models. In Cutwise account, you can store and present your products which includes both real stones and virtual visualizations for suggested solutions. Upload from HP Carbon to Cutwise in one click, share with ones of your choice or worldwide 24/7.
  • Importing DMX Files created in DM-Xray.
  • I3D (Interactive 3D) Report is the new kind of report. It includes pictures that you can adjust in many ways at any moment after the report has been produced: turn the model to any orientation, toggle different kinds of captions on/off, etc.
  • Comparative Report is the method to thoroughly compare two stones. It is especially useful when considering recut solutions.
  • GIA Facetware is the GIA-approved procedure that appraises stones in full accordance with GIA criteria.
  • MyAppraiser is the interface for managing custom appraisers, where you may specify whatever limits meet your needs the best.
  • DZ Color Estimate is the method for color grading of a series of related recut solutions, based on the expert grading for one of them.
What's New & Download

Technically, Carbon Terminal is HP Carbon without hardware and related functions which is defined by the HASP key. Therefore, you can find out what's new in the published releases of the system and download the latest release from the HP Carbon download page.

Note that hardware functions described in documentation are not available in Carbon Terminal.