HP Oxygen Scanner

The Helium Polish Oxygen diamond scanner is a precise and popular polish diamond scanner used invariably by diamond cutting factories, laboratories and dealers alike (more details here).

Along with the software, the scanner provides plenty of new features and intuitive user interface making it very easy for first-time users. Helium has become a de facto standard today for accurate measurement of various parameters & its deviations. HP Oxygen offers a wide selection of various appraisal system, including GIA-Facetware and user-defined MyGIA.

It has been invariably used by all Global Diamond Grading labs including GIA, AGS, IGI, HRD, GSI, IIJ, WGI, GTL (GJEPC), IDI, IIDGR, NGTC, and various others. When a diamond is scanned with this scanner, a very accurate 3D-model is constructed, which details the facets slope angle, its azimuth and its junction with adjacent facets. This 3D model allows accurate visualization and realistic image rendering, to objectively analyze and grade symmetry + cut. The model will show major and minor symmetry errors, which can be used to generate reports based on various appraisal system.

The program allows users to create various user-defined Custom reports, to achieve the final goal. The very accurate 3D model allows the user to perform ray trace analysis, and generate photoreal images to understand the light return and optical performance of the scanned diamond.

Main Features
  • Scans the polish diamonds with ultrahigh precision, within a very tight 6 sigma limits, helping the labs to consistently grade the cut and symmetry based on 3D scan with high confidence.
  • Consistent measurement readings comfort the polisher while attempting minor facet corrections to improve cut and symmetry grade.
  • Do not require any adjustments or calibration. In fact, the precision is built into the scanner to consistently give the correct reading all the time, no matter where the scanner is installed or when it is used. Thermal expansions are compensated automatically during the use, thus requiring no adjustments.
  • The minor symmetries are very precisely picked up, allowing graders to completely rely on the 3D model built by the scanner, and grade the symmetry objectively.
  • Useful for Rounds and Fancies, Semi-polish and polish alike.
  • Can build 3D models of special fancy cut diamonds with very high precision, while using sample ASC as scan reference.
  • Helps polishers in correcting the multi-fold symmetry / junction symmetry, and the grader to objectively grade the shape symmetry based on the scan data.
Models HPO+ 5.5 HPO+ 11 HPO+ 22.5 HPO+ 45
Field of view : 3.56mm X 5.67mm 7.12mm X 11.34mm 14.2mm X 22.6mm 28.4mm X 45.2mm
Polish Size : 1mm to 5.5mm 2.3mm to 11.0mm 4.5mm X 22.5mm 9mm to 45mm
Diamond types : Any Cut
3D-model accuracy : 2.9 microns 5.9 microns 11.7 microns 23.4 microns
Standard ReCut option : Available
Asymmetric Smart Recut Option
based on GIA Facetware + MyGIA :
Optional (Euro 3750)
GIA Facetware based
Grade estimation:
Optional - Cut as well as Symmetry (Euro 1060)
Soft HTML5 Report Very advanced interactive 3D report (i3D report)
Print reports : Available (Very detailed + user-defined)
Custom report : Available
Projected RBC range : 0.004 to 0.60 Cts 0.05 to 4.80 Cts 0.35 to 38 Cts 3.00 to 330 Cts
Projected Marquise range : 0.01 to 0.16 Cts 0.09 to 1.30 Cts 0.60 to 10.7 Cts 5.00 to 86 Cts
Models HPO+ 5.5 HPO+ 11 HPO+ 22.5 HPO+ 45
Lens : 2x 1x 0.5x 0.25x  
CMOS Camera : 1/1.2" - 1936X1216
Computer Requirements : View Specification here
Operating Systems : Windows 10 Professional - 64bit
Weight : 13 Kg 19 Kg 25 Kg 25 Kg  
Dimensions L x W x H : 62x16x21(cm) 72X16X21(cm) 92x16x21(cm) 92x16x21(cm)  
Power consumption : 220V 50Hz 300W (Other than this, contact us)