Pacor Client

Pacor Client is a software for planning allocation of rough diamond, detecting the most profitable option of rough marking. Pacor Client works without hardware with projects created by Helium Rough and IG scannersMBox, and HP Carbon.

Main Features
  • Detecting the most profitable option of rough marking.
  • High precision estimation of future diamond weight, position of inclusions in future diamonds. Observing real and imaginary inclusions.
  • Automated search for the largest possible diamond with respect to parameters and inclusions, estimating mutual location of the future diamond and inclusions with precision of at least 100 micrometers.
  • Various cut shapes: ROUND diamond, MARQUISE, PEAR, EMERALD, FLOWERS, PRINCESS and others.
  • Calculations of inclusion positions Dared on refraction property of diamond.
What's New & Download

You can find out what's new in the published releases of the system and download the latest release from the Helium Rough/Pacor Client Download page.

Samples of reports

Helium Rough and Pacor software allows creating and printing reports for every solution and also for every polished diamond in solution separately.

The reports are created based on templates in MS Word rich-text format (RTF). Also report data can be exported to external files for processing by third-party software.

The example of rough report: Rough Illustrated report (2 diamonds)