DiBox 2.0

DiBox 2.0 Rapid Photography System captures images and movies of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.

  • Semi-Automatic rapid video capturing system
  • Multiple light sources (including Long UV)
    • True color
    • Swing & figure of (8) movies
    • Fluorescence image
    • Live Photo
  • Different lighting environments
  • 3D videos
  • Automatic symmetric position detection
  • Direct upload to Cutwise
  • True color representation in the image and the movie, by using full spectrum LED with longwave UV and professional environment coating
  • Easy operating & all automatic adjustments and also automatic & mirroring effect
  • Color grading in lab grading orientation as well as face up orientation, considering the influence of fluorescence
  • Correct Full spectrum LED light with required longwave UV LEDs representing true grading light used for color grading of all diamonds, with or without fluorescence, colored or colorless. It also helps check fluorescence and its influence on color, brilliance and transparency
  • Fluorescence grading and differentiating different types of fluorescence in face-up orientation as well as grading view orientation
  • Capture Dark Field images and movies for clarity charting
  • Capture clarity grading library movies for clarity masters
  • Live Photo (micro movie – Harry Potter photo effect), which is very important for objects like diamond
  • Very quick movie capture, less than 15 seconds for a swing movie of a diamond
  • Use of professional industrial camera, for very long trouble free life
  • Capture swing and figure of 8 movies to estimate Fire, Brilliance and overall Brightness index
  • Auto upload of images and movies on Cutwise for online B2B sharing
  • Can capture images and movies for small jewelry pieces like diamond rings
  • Optional - Semi automatic inclusion charting
  • Quick & Precise Environment Change
  • + All features of DiBox
Software Download

You can download the latest release of the DiBox 2.0 software from the DiBox Download page.



27 kg (Excluding Computer)

Dimension (L x W x H)

450L x 305W x 580H mm (Excluding Computer)


Industrial Camera

Computer System

Any Latest & Installed with Windows 7 / 10 64 bit

DiBox 2.0 videos and live photos