DALS (Digital Adaptive Light Scope) is a bundled hardware+software solution for the visual exploring of diamonds with your eyes via the microscope itself and on the screen of the connected computer. Quality on-screen observation matching “human observation thru oculars” with the ability to share is the essential goal of a bundle.


Why a digital adaptive light is necessary?

  • Commercial microscope light is not effective for viewing the image on a screen or for capturing the camera image
  • Diamond being a highly reflective material creates a lot of light flashes, over-exposing camera image
  • Under the commercial microscope lighting setup, the camera image cannot match “human observation thru oculars.”
  • It is essential to share the screen
    • For collaborative work (opinion on grade while working with blocked stone)
    • For an expert opinion from a senior gemologist
    • For education
    • For documentation
    • For creating library
    • For selling online - building consumer confidence


Main features
  • Ergonomic design
  • The combination of a conical and parabolic reflector guarantees optimal, highly efficient dark-field lighting, perfect for examining even the smallest inclusions without blinding or confusing the user
  • Revolutionary overhead Adaptive-Light illumination combined with DarkField light offers REFLECTION-FREE illumination to empower human observation and enhance machine vision
  • The long working distance and narrow objective body design allow easy manipulation of the diamond during the inspection
  • Leica Optics with dioptrics adjustment of ± 5mm and rubber eyecups make ocular observation very comfortable
Featured videos

Here are some featured videos on DALS (provided by OctoNus' partner Lexus India):

Weight 15 kg.
Dimension L x W x H 530 x 330 x 700mm
Power consumption : 230V 50Hz 210W


MODEL Dark-Field Lighting Adaptive Lighting Zoom Encoder Z-AXIS Encoder CAMERA Resolution
LS (Light Scope) X X X X
DALS X 1936x1216 pixel -BW
DALS+ 1936x1216 pixel -BW
Prices & purchase

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