Helium Tender

Helium Tender is a portable scanner. It is an accurate and advance rough cavity & inclusion mapping, value based planning equipment, optimizing rough with value analysis and sawing plans.

Salient Features
  1. Any inclusion including Gletz / piques / bubbles (VS to I) can be considered.
  2. The machine intelligence will help you in deciding if inclusion removal or re-orientation will maximize your profit. At the time of tender, this is even more important.
  3. If the suggested plan includes the inclusions, machine software will show you where those inclusions will be reflected in the polished stone. The machine will grade the finished stone based on size of inclusions left inside the polished stone, its orientation and its reflection / refraction inside the polished stone. Model building accuracy is better than 0.020 mmmakes this possible.
  4. Can be transferred to M-Box for VVS1 to IF Inclusion.
  5. Free Oxygen Viewer will make it possible for your overseas office to participate in critical decision making. They will be able to view the provisional / final plan of the virtual stone, and give their consent before further process.
  6. LAN configurable and multi user environment software support reduces overall cost. Inclusion placement and allocation can be done in off machine mode to reduce load on the scanner and increase its utility factor (reduce overall investment).
  7. Can handle size up to 25mm or 33mm.
  8. The software is specifically designed to accurately suggest the most profitable planning options in value recovery terms. In the process the Rapaport / user specific price structure can be used.
  9. Offline working mode - you can scan the stone overseas and plan your stone locally - value based and inclusion based. Easy to install. Just Connect to USB Port of your laptop and Go.
  10. Easy to carry with portable carry bag.
  11. No realignment required.
  HT 36 HT 48
Field of view 36 x 24 mm 48 x 36 mm
Rough 190 ct 450 ct
Oxygen Inclusion Terminal Software At Extra Included
Diamond types Any Cuts
Diamond Holding Glue assisted
3D-model accuracy Better then 0.020 mm Better then 0.027 mm
3D-Inclusion Mapping Very Advance - Working on Images Of Windowed Stone
Concavity Mapping Yes
Optimization Auto / Manual Sawing, Single/Multiple
Print reports Available, (Very detailed + User defined)
Electronic reports Free Viewer (Oxygen Viewer) Software - Any Quantity
Warranty 12 months
Hardware specification
  HT 36 HT 48
Lens 0.243x 0.184x
Ethernet Camera 2/3" CCD 1360 x 1024
Computer requirements View PDF
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 37 cm x 12 cm x 13 cm 47.5 cm x 13 cm x 13.5 cm
Power consumption 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 40W