Oxygen HIG download

Oxygen HIG 5.1.17 build 3256


Versions of Oxygen are locked software. 

Oxygen HIG is a software for working with Helium IG scanner, for projects of roughs with immersion glass. 
HIG scanner makes set of photos with very high depth of sharpness for better viewing of inclusion. HIG is Completely Automatic Plotting System for inclusions VS2-I3. 

This version is a general software update including bugfixes for the following problems:

  1. Duplicate inclusion option not available;
  2. “open cube model” shows different path.


InstallOxygenHIG.exe is an installation program for Windows (257 Mb). The installation should be run with an administrative account. Version will expire on the 1st of June, 2020

With the Oxygen software you may see the following messages during the program start:

1) Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment. You may need install newer hasp device driver. 
Solution: Download and update the hasp device drivers from the section below.

2) Feature not found. You may need to update hasp key firmware (H0031). 
Solution: Please update the hasp key firmware using the update utility. Before starting firmware update process please close all the programs and any special tools that may affect the normal work of the hasp usb device driver.

HASP HL Driver


If you install this software first time please also download and install the Hasp HL driver

HASPUserSetup.exe (10,2 Mb) - Hasp HL device driver installation program for Windows.The installation should be run with an administrative account

M-Box Drivers for 64-bit Windows


M-Box works with 64-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows Vista with Oxygen Microscope since vesion 3.2. 
After connecting the hardware to the computer you will be asked for drivers for OctoNus USB devices. Download these drivers below. 

OctonusBoardsDriver_x64.exe (0,5 Mb)- drivers for OctoNus USB devices. Please note that new 64-bit drivers do not work on Windows XP and 32-bit operation systems, where old 32-bit drivers should be used.